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respective factors and the inter-correlations between factors did not exceed .85

recommended as the cutoff point for discriminant validity purposes (Kline, 1994). The

internal Cronbach alpha-reliability of the help scale was .83, the reliability for innovative

behavior was .90; the competitive/high performance scale had a reliability of .73, and

finally, the scale for compliant behavior exhibited a reliability of .80.

The scales used to measure behaviors also exhibited good fit using the supervisor

perceptions (CFI= .96; SRMR= .10; RMSEA= .07). The items were loading on the

specified latent factors, and none of the inter-correlations between factors was higher

than .85. The reliabilities in the supervisor sample were as follows: .85 (help), .93

(innovative behavior), .84 (achievement), and .79 (compliant behavior).

Issues of aggregation with behaviors. In order to justify the aggregation of

coworker rated behaviors for each individual I selected a score of within-group inter-rater

agreement Rwg to establish if there is sufficient agreement between respondents (James,

Demaree, & Wolf, 1984, 1993). The median Rwg values for the help/cooperation,

innovation, achievement, and compliant behavior, were as follows: .88, .87, .67 and 0.61

(in the coworker sample). All of these values are above the recommended level of .60

(James, 1982), thus, justifying the aggregation of multiple sources for each individual.

In addition, I calculated the ICC statistics using the same procedures as with the

measures of culture. The F-statistics associated with organizational membership for three

of the behaviors rated by coworkers was significant at p<. 001; it was not significant for

achievement behavior (p< .18). The ICC (1) values in the coworker sample were as

follows: 0.10 for help, 0.08 for achievement behavior, 0.20 for innovative behavior, and

finally, 0.12 for compliant behavior, thus, suggesting that there are some discernible


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