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Advisory Groups

National Sexual Health and HIV Advisory Committee (NSHHAC)

  • A National Sexual Health Advisory Committee (NSHAC) was formed in 2005 to support the implementation of Respect and Responsibility. This committee was recently reformed and renamed as the National Sexual Health and HIV Advisory Committee (NSHHAC) to highlight the importance of HIV in sexual health. This is chaired by the Minister for Public Health and Sport.

  • The work of the committee continues with the aim of improving the sexual health and wellbeing of people living in Scotland.

  • The Scottish Government launched a sexual health website in June 2009: http://www. sexualhealthscotland.co.uk/ as part of the first phase of their new sexual health campaign. The website is supported by following campaigns:

    • Giving You More Choice, a campaign to promote long acting reversible methods of contraception (LARC) in women aged 18-44, launched in July

      • 2009.

        The campaign was developed by NHS Health Scotland to support the NHS QIS sexual health services standard and is underpinned by convenience advertising, media articles, posters and a specific patient leaflet designed and tested with women.

    • It’s Healthy To Talk About It, launched in August

      • 2009.

        This campaign promotes relationships and sexual health among men and women aged 20 to 40. It is supported by promotional posters, radio and cinema adverts, and a series of sexual health leaflets along with the national public- facing website.

  • The creation of a research advisory group has been supported by NSHHAC following a review of the research literature on the sexual health and wellbeing of fourteen vulnerable groups in Scotland by an NSHHAC subgroup. The review identifies key priorities for further research. The summary report and the technical reports on each of the vulnerable groups can be found at: http://www. healthscotland.com/topics/health/wish/evidence. aspx

  • Data collection on aspects of sexual health at Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and Information Services Division (ISD) supports the strategy, notably in the Key Clinical Indicator (KCI) reports. http://www.isdscotland.org/isd/4628.html4

Scotland’s Sexual Health Information

Sexual Health Epidemiology Group (SHEG)

  • The Sexual Health Epidemiology Group (SHEG), formerly the Sexually Transmitted Infection Epidemiology Advisory Group (STIEAG), is an advisory group on sexual health with a direct link to NSHHAC. The remit of SHEG is to promote and support the development and use of sexual health information in Scotland.

  • There are four main areas of activity: to advise on sexual health data collection and on the epidemiology of STIs; to support the continued development of sexual health information; to co- ordinate and link with other professional groups, and to report on sexual health information.

  • SHEG is a multidisciplinary group representing expertise across several dimensions in sexual health. Please see the cover pages for membership details.

Data Systems Developments

National Sexual Health System (NaSH)

NaSH is a new electronic information system which was developed to support sexual health services throughout Scotland. This is part of the NHS Scotland National eHealth Strategy. In addition to providing an electronic patient record (EPR) for sexual health, this system will provide secondary data for national reporting. The system has a comprehensive dataset which may improve and enrich the data used in this report in the future.

Once fully implemented, the system will not only support specialist sexual health services but also provide a valuable source of data on sexual health in Scotland.

  • The NaSH system went live in March 2008 and is currently being rolled out in all specialist sexual health services in Scotland; in both genitourinary medicine (GUM) and sexual and reproductive health clinics. Most NHS areas will have adopted this system by the end of December 2009. However, the system, in some areas, will not be used as a full electronic patient record initially.

  • Eventually, NaSH may be used in other settings providing sexual health care, for example Primary Care practices providing enhanced services.

  • For further information see: http://www.nash.scot. nhs.uk/


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