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Cash in on Childcare

Investing for Health: Fit Futures

Bringing up children is rewarding but not always on the household budget! Paying for childcare can take up a big chunk of your family’s income. The Government’s new 10 year plan for universal childcare contains may exciting developments for parents and future parents. One welcome step is the plan to reduce the cost of registered child- care by offering new tax exemptions from April this year.

  • The first £50 per week of childcare vouchers that an employee receives through their payroll will be exempt of income tax and national insurance contributions. This equates to £217 per month per parent

  • This means that a working parent could save up to £71 per month on registered childcare if they are basic rate tax payers and £89 per month for higher rate tax payers

  • The limit applying to both mums and dads, families can each re- ceive up to £434 per month on registered childcare which would be tax and national insurance exempt (assuming bth part- ners’employers offer childcare vouchers), a family saving of up to £178 per month

  • Childcare vouchers are a valid way of paying for all forms of registered childcare such as day nurseries, registered child- minders, creches and playgroups, after-school and breakfast clubs, holiday schemes and workplace nurseries

To find out more about childcare vouchers and saving your family could make, contact Employers for Childcare on 0800 028 3008

The Department of Education and the De- partment of Health, Social Services and Public Safety jointly established a task force initiative called ‘Fit Futures; Focus on Food, Activity and Young People’

The focus of Fit Futures is on developing, ideas to help prevent the development of obesity in children and young people by en- couraging and supporting healthy eating and active lifestyles

The content of this article and in addition our own published report which we compiled representing the views of parents we con- sulted with during September/October 2004 on behalf of Fit Futures can be found on their website www.investingforhealthni.gov.uk/fitfutures. asp

A signposting service with regard to available re- sources for children (0-18 years) in the Causeway Trust area, whether that be statutory or voluntary provision Maintain a communication link between children’s ser- vices teams and also inform the Trust of services and resources operating in the community and voluntary sector If you would like to link with or find out more about the role of the community development worker or indeed the work of the Causeway Family Resource Centre please con- tact: Allison Cole Community Development Worker Causeway Family Resource Centre 7f Castlerock road Coleraine BT51 3HP

Tel: Fax:

028 7032 5456 028 7032 5457


shauna.faith@chsst.n-i.nhs.uk alison.hayes@chsst.n-i.nhs.uk

The Causeway Health and Social Services Trust recently opened the new Causeway Family resource Centre (CFRC) in Coleraine. This purpose built building is both com- fortable and well equipped for work with children, young people, parents and community groups. A core aim of the CFRC is to provide a special place and space for children and families who are under stress and want help to make a positive change in their lives. We offer an assessment, therapeutic and preventative ser- vice to families where difficulties prevent the full en- joyment of family life, or where there is concern for the welfare of children. We also recognise and value the work of local community and voluntary initiatives and aim to work closely with them. The centre is also the base for Allison Cole, Community Development worker who endeavours to:

  • Network between Causeway Trust and community and voluntary groups

  • Assist and support community and voluntary organi- sations with a range of issues including service devel- opment, funding opportunities and identifying and addressing unmet need

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