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Home Signal of Valsad— This signal is usually of the three or four aspect type depending on the yard layout ahead and may also have a number of route indicators to show the driver as to which route or line his train will be diverted onto.

Provision for Second Distant Signal on high speed routes:

On high speed routes such as Rajdhani routes, the train speeds have increased to

such an extent that the braking distances of these trains has also increased considerably. In this situation, the lone distant described is insufficient to warn the driver in adequate time about the condition of the home signal ahead. Now the driver must be told about the condition ahead by the provision of another distant signal which is placed 2000 metres in rear of the Home. Hence now there are two distant signals—the first distant signal is now 2000 meters away from the Home and the intermediate Distant which was previously the Distant is now 1000 meters from the Home. If the Home is at Danger then the first distant displays Double-Yellow aspect indicating attention and the intermediate Distant displays the Yellow aspect. If the Home is green then both the distant signals are also green.

Intermediate Block Post and Intermediate Block Signal:

Usually stations are the places where Block Instruments are provided as mentioned earlier, most block sections are the distance between the two stations. But many times the distance between two stations is large such as upto 10 kilometers. If the block section is made so long then when a train enters the block section, until it reaches the next station, a following train cannot leave the station. This usually reduces the section capacity and also holds up important traffic sometimes. In order to minimize such delays, the Block Sections are divided into two or more parts. This can be done in two ways either by providing an Intermediate Block Post or an Intermediate Block Signal (IBS).It should be remembered that the above remedy is


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