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Block Section:

The section of track starting from the Last Stop Signal (also known as the Advance Starter) of station A to the First Stop Signal of station B(also known as the Home Signal).

Station Section:

The section of track or the yard of a station which usually stretches between the First Stop Signal to the Last Stop Signal of the station.


Almost all running signals have a distance beyond them on the track which is required to be clear of any obstructions before a train can be received at the concerned signal if it is at danger. This safe distance is known as the Overlap. The overlap is provided to ensure that in case a driver overshoots a danger signal, the chances of an accident are minimal because of the clear track.

On the IR two types of overlaps are provided namely the Block Overlap and the Signal Overlap.

The Block overlap is 180 meters in length and the Signal overlap is 120 meters in length. The Home Signal is provided with the Block Overlap as this is the very first stop signal encountered by the driver while passing through the Block Section in which usually the maximum permissible speed is allowed and in case of a driver encountering a danger signal there are more chances of a driver being unable to control his train well in time and overshooting the signal.

The rest of the signals in the station section are provided with the standard signal overlap of 120 meters.


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