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Deputy Chief Controller (DTNL):

He is entrusted with coordinating between various other sub-controllers and also an important task of the DTNL is to “Order Trains”. Ordering trains means to mobilize all resources required when a goods train is ready in the yard.

Assistant Controller (ATNL):

Also known as a Section Controller he probably has the most important task in the whole division. Each Section Controller is in charge of upto 150 kms. of a railway route which may be either single or double line and may also have a few branch lines and sidings or other not-so-common setups. This route length may include a number of stations, cabins, block-posts, large-goods and passenger yards, industrial sidings, loco sheds, etc(now collectively mentioned as “waystations”).Each and every one of the above mentioned entities is in communication with the section controller by way of an omnibus telephone circuit.

The Omnibus Telephone:

This comprises a telephone instrument at every waystation. This waystation telephone doesn’t have a dial pad but has a press-to-talk button on the receiver of the phone. As soon as a person picks up the receiver he can listen to the conversation in progress on the telephone. If this person wants to talk to the controller, he presses the talk button on the receiver and first identifies himself and on receiving a verbal acknowledgement from the Controller, he can commence conversation. There is a specific etiquette while talking on the Control phone. A person should never interrupt an ongoing conversation except in case of a dire emergency. Also the Controller being a senior officer always has precedence in the conversation. If the controller needs to talk to a waystation, he is equipped with a dial pad and a ring button. He simply dials the waystation number and presses the ring button which sends a ring to the individual waystation. The waystation picks up the phone and carries on the conversation as described above. The control telephone circuit is also equipped with a facility to ring up all the way stations


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