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collectively. In addition the setup at the control office is such that a microphone and a loudspeaker are provided to the controller so that he has his hands free. Alternatively a Headset jack is also provided for those controllers who prefer headsets. Each Omnibus Telephone Line is in Railway parlance known as simply a “Control Circuit” or a “Circuit”.

Other controllers in the Control Office are also provided with their own Control Phone Circuits and are connected individually to waystations as per requirement. Circuits include those provided to the DTNL, Section Controller, Traction Power Controller, Traction Loco Controller, EMU Controller, etc. Control phone circuits are provided as per the individual requirements of the section and waystation telephones are provided as per need of the individual controllers.

Traction Power Controller:

The person involved has to monitor the power supply, tripping etc. taking place along the OH (over head) cable. If tripping occurs he can get into telephonic conversation with the sub-station etc.and has to make arrangements for the OHE (over head equipment) van to go to the tripping location for repairing purposes. Also he has to make a note for routine maintenance of the cable.

Signal and Telecommunication Controller:

This controller is available in some sections and is usually required in case of a Signal &Telecommunication failure and also monitors the routine maintenance of S&T equipments.


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