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EMU Controller:

In Mumbai Suburban Western Division there are two car sheds available for regular maintenance, parking etc of rakes. One is present at Mahalaxmi while the other is at Kandivali.

The EMU controller knows the following details of each and every rake:

  • 1)

    Whether the rake will be a 9 coach or 12 coaches one for the day.

  • 2)

    Which rake will be operated as fast and which one as slow for the day.

  • 3)

    After how many trips a rake will go to the car shed or siding etc.

  • 4)

    Schedule Maintenance.

A daily plan is always prepared by the controller for the next 12 working hrs. on a chart.

More on the Section Controller and his Duties

As mentioned earlier the Section Controller has an extremely important task which is to monitor and keep track of each and every train stopped or moving in his section. In addition he also has to Regulate the movement of the trains in such a manner that slow moving trains so not come in the way of fast moving and important trains. On the IR a single track usually handles all kinds of traffic such as goods, passenger, parcel, suburban, High-Speed and Rajdhani. There are wide differences in the actual and average speeds of these different trains. It is also important to ensure that all these trains reach there destinations punctually. All

these tasks are managed by the Section Controller while that train is in his section.


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