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Fig 10 - The third route is set up

In Fig 10, train 6460 is now clear of 105 and 108 track circuits and the signalman has set up another route, the Down line route for the next train 7786, as indicated by the white track circuits. Signal C23 shows a proceed aspect. Train 7786, has already approached the area, occupying Track Circuit 109 and has been signaled all the way through the area.

You will see that, although the Down line route is clear for Train 7786, track circuit 701 still shows grey. This is because it is not part of the controlled area. It will only show grey when unoccupied and red when occupied.

Train 6460 is almost clear of the Up line. Immediately 75 points clear, the whole route for Train 6458 will be freed and so that it can be selected as shown on the next diagram (Fig 11 below).

Fig 11 - Two routes freed for Up and Down trains to proceed

Train 6458 now has permission to proceed into the platform and will soon start. Train 7786 is just entering the Down platform.

The above series of screen shots are representations of the sort of indications and train movements typically seen in modern control rooms. Not all installations are designed the same way but the basic principles are the same.


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