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Office of Student Learning & Partnerships

In 2003 the Oregon legislature passed SB550, establishing a pool of money to reimburse districts for providing special education services to a child when SSF expenditures for that child were in excess of $25,000 for the fiscal year.  HB 2450C, effective July 1, 2005, raised the annual threshold for eligible costs to $30,000 per student beginning in the 2005-2006 school year. ORS 327.008(8) limits the High Cost Disabilities Account grant total to $12 million per year from the State School Fund.  If the total approved reimbursement requests from LEAs exceed the amount in the high cost disabilities account in any fiscal year, ODE will prorate the amount of monies available for distribution among those school districts eligible for reimbursement.  


What costs qualify for reimbursement from the high cost disability account?

ODE has posted a detailed list of eligible cost items along with directions on how to prepare and submit data (https://district.ode.state.or.us/apps/info/docs/HCDBusinessRules.doc).   LEAs must determine the total eligible SSF special education expenditure for each student, excluding any reimbursed amounts (e.g. transportation, Medicaid, Federal funds or grants).  Both District and ESD expenditures may be included in the total.  All expenditures submitted for reimbursement must be coded from Fund 100, and coded Area 320, the special education code per the Program Budgeting and Accounting Manual.  All personnel costs must be prorated equally across all students served by that staff member as per OAR 581-023-0104 (3)(c).


How does the LEA file for reimbursement and when are the funds distributed?   

By mid-December of each year, LEAs will provide ODE with an estimate of the aggregate number of students eligible for reimbursement from the HCD account and the total estimated aggregate amount of reimbursable expenditures.   Districts will update this information as requested by ODE or by February 15th, listing eligible students, SSID, estimated expenditures and other information as requested. Funds will be distributed to Districts on or before May 15 for the current fiscal year based on the estimated expenditures.  Funds will be prorated as needed to stay within the $12 million HCD account limitations.   

4.   How are the final reimbursement costs determined?

By mid-October of the next fiscal year, LEAs shall submit information on the actual expenditures for the student(s).  LEAs may download an Excel spreadsheet from ODE’s district web site (https://district.ode.state.or.us ) for this purpose.  The LEA must provide demographic data and cost information for each student for whom it received reimbursement.  The completed spreadsheets are sent to ODE via a secure file transfer process and checked against the ODE SSID file.  Detailed instructions on completing the spreadsheet and how to submit the information online are available on ODE’s website https://district.ode.state.or.us/apps/info/docs/HCDBusinessRules.doc).  ODE will make adjustments by May 15 of the following year based on audited data and ODE reviews of district records.

5.   Who can I contact if I need assistance?


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