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Office of Student Learning & Partnerships


and notification of contractor of award of contract.

Proposer Qualifications

Independent Contractor Status

Must meet independent contractor status as defined in ORS 670.600 and provide references.

Proposal Requirements


Establishes criteria and specifications for RFP proposal

Evaluation of Proposal

Vendor Selection Criteria

Specific evaluation criteria, including how proposal will be scored for evaluation purposes

General Provisions

General standard contract provisions that shall be incorporated into the resulting professional/personal services contract for the State of Oregon.  If the contract is issued to a governmental entity, intergovernmental provisions will be substituted into the contract.


Insurance Requirements

Independent Contractor Certification

Project Budget

Certification Denying Conflict of Interest

Current References

Checklist for RFP


What steps must a contract go through to receive approval?

After an RFP has been posted, the ODE Procurement Office shall identify an Evaluation Committee that will meet and determine which contractor will be awarded the final contract.  The Procurement Office will then notify all those who submitted an RFP of their selection status (contracts over $5,000) and develop the contract.  This contract will be routed to all required state agencies for approval (e.g. ODE, DOJ, DAS, Risk Management, other agencies as required by the nature and amount of the contract).  Once approved, the Procurement Office will issue notification of contract execution and distribute contract copies.  

4.  What about budgets, deliverables, invoices, and final expenditure reports?

Detailed budgets are required with the submission of contract proposals and the budget is included in the final approved contract.   Before any changes may be made to the budget, the contract administrator must be consulted and no changes to the budget may be made without the approval of the ODE Procurement Office and the contract administrator.   For changes to budgets for Federal or State grants, consult the grant manager as listed in EGMS.   

All deliverables are subject to the inspection and approval of the contract administrator.  The contract administrator monitors progress, inspects the work, and is responsible for approving invoices for payment.  All invoices submitted for payment must include the name of the company and the word “INVOICE”; statements merely provide a summary of invoice totals and are not sufficient for approval for payment.  The invoice should be an original


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