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Office of Student Learning & Partnerships

document and must clearly state what deliverable(s) were provided or delineate specific work accomplished, the date of delivery, the quantity, the unit rate, and the total amount.  Each invoice must include the reference contract number and all invoices should delineate the total contract amount and the amount previously billed to the State.  

Final expenditure reports must be submitted upon the completion of any contract.  Final expenditure reports are reviewed by the ODE Procurement Office for accuracy and compliance to the terms of the contract.   The expenditure report must also comply with all Oregon Department of Administrative Services procurement policies and contract law.  

Each district and agency providing special education services must submit a certified annual expenditure report to ODE for all grants.  For IDEA funding, an independent audit firm contracted by ODE reviews the final expenditure reports.  The firm compares certified expenditures for special education from the most recent year for which certified reports are available with the previous year’s certified reports and determines if the district has met the maintenance of effort requirements.

5.  What is the payment process for contracts?

Contracts are paid in the manner specified in the contract.  There are two basic methods of payment, either according to a payment schedule stipulated in the contract or upon the receipt of deliverables or services designated in the contract.  When a contract is awarded, the ODE program manager will send a written notice to the contractor appointing an ODE Contract Administrator who will then be the primary ODE contact for the contractor on all issues regarding the contract.  The Contract Administrator is responsible for monitoring vendor progress, ensuring contractor performance by inspecting the work, maintaining records, and approving invoices for payment.  After the Contract Administrator approves invoices for payment, the invoice is sent to the ODE Procurement Office for review of contract compliance and then the invoice is sent to the ODE accounts payable office for payment.


How can an LEA or agency find out information on federal and state grant opportunities?

The ODE receives many different grants, administers a number of subgrants and offers various subgrant opportunities.  ODE recommends that districts and agencies routinely check grant, workshop and training opportunities on the Grants webpage (http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=69 ).


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