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Aggrate days membership:  The sum of days present and absent, according to the rules of the State Board of Education, of all resident pupils when school is actually in session during a certain period.  The aggregate days membership of kindergarten pupils shall be calculated on the basis of a half-day program.  ORS 327.006(1)

Approved transportation costs:  (a) Means those costs as defined by rule of the State Board of Education and is limited to those costs attributable to transporting or room and board provided in lieu of transporting:  (A)  Elementary school students who live at least one mile from school; (B) Secondary school students who live at least 1.5 miles from school; (C) Any student required to be transported for health or safety reasons, according to supplemental plans from districts that have been approved by the state board identifying students who are required to be transported for health or safety reasons, including special education; (D) preschool children with disabilities requiring transportation for early intervention services provided pursuant to ORS 343.224 and 343.533; (E) Students who require payment of room and board in lieu of transportation; (F) A student transported from one school or facility to another school or facility when the student attends both schools or facilities during the day or week; and (G) Students participating in school-sponsored field trips that are extension of classroom learning experiences.  (b)  Does not include the cost of constructing boarding school facilities.  ORS 327.006 (2)

Assets:  All property, both real and personal, owned by or accruing to a school district.  OAR 581-010-0200(c)

Average daily membership or ADM:  Means the aggregate days membership of a school during a certain period divided by the number of days the school was actually in session during the same period.  However, if a district school board adopts a class schedule that operates throughout the year for all or any schools in the district, average daily membership shall be computed by the ODE so that the resulting average daily membership will not be higher or lower than if the board had not adopted such schedule.  ORS 327.006 (3)

Average Operational Revenues per Student:  Revenues available for Net Operating Expenditures as defined in ORS 327.006 and computed according to OAR 581-023-0041, divided by the district’s Average Daily Membership as defined in ORS 327.006(3).

Business Day:   Means Mondays through Fridays, other than Federal and State holidays.  OAR 581-015-0005(6)(a)


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