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Office of Student Learning & Partnerships

Maximum Grant  = (Special education population for 2004-05 school year) x (40% of the average per-pupil expenditure in US public K-12 schools) x (Annual Rate of Change)

4.  What are the current estimates for IDEA funding?

The current estimate for Oregon 2005 Part B funding is $119,051,901 and for fiscal year 2006 the estimate for Part B funding is $124,191,831.  The estimate for the Part C grant for fiscal year 2005 is  $4,572,668 and the 2006 Part C funding estimate is $4,572,666.   Part B funding has increased 71.8% from 2001 to 2006; Part C funding has increased 9.9% during that same time period.

ODE’s June 2005 estimates for 2005-06 IDEA grants by district are available online (http://www.ode.state.or.us/data/schoolanddistrict/funding/sped/reports/05-06estimates.pdf).  The total net distribution of funds includes the total amount of the school district award after removing federal dollars for students served by Regional Programs and other state operated/supported programs.  Federal IDEA funds are released in two separate payments to the State.  LEA’s and agencies will receive notice of the first payment in July for the fiscal year beginning July 1 and will receive notice of the second grant award in October.   

5.  How are the amounts of IDEA “flow through” grants determined?

The amount of money that flows directly through ODE to the school districts is determined by federal statute [20 USC §1411(f)(2)].    Each district generates a “base amount” with the base amount determined by the December 1, 1998, child count for Part B, Section 611.  The base amount for Part B, Section 619 are based on the December 1, 1996 child count.   After making the base allocations, 85% of the remaining flow through funds are distributed to LEAs based on the relative numbers of all children (not just students receiving special education services) enrolled in both public and private schools within the LEA’s jurisdiction, and 15% is allocated based on the relative numbers of children living in poverty (Title 1 low income count).


How does an LEA receive payment from their IDEA grant?

All IDEA grants are handled on a reimbursement basis.  ODE has one uniform, centralized electronic bookkeeping system for grants called E-Grant Management System (EGMS) that allows LEAs and agencies to monitor their subgrants from beginning to end and to submit their claims for reimbursement.  EGMS allows ODE to administer and monitor grants and subgrants in real-time, saving time and money by reducing the need for paperwork when requesting grant funds and reimbursements of grant expenses.  Effective October 3, 2005, LEAs and agencies must submit claims electronically through EGMS.   


How does an LEA submit claims on EGMS?

To access EGMS, go to the ODE District website (https://district.ode.state.or.us ).   Once there, go to Central Login.  To enter, you will need a User Name and Password.  This is obtained from your Security Administrator.  If you don’t know who your Security Administrator is, click on “Locate your District Security Administrator,” indicate your Institution ID or District Name, and your Security Administrator will be identified.  When


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