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Office of Student Learning & Partnerships

you are able to log-in, click on “E-Grant Management Systems (EGMS).”   All LEAs and agencies will submit claims electronically when they wish to request funds for subgrants issued by ODE.  For EGMS purposes, people who submit claims are identified as Claim Administrator(s).  Each LEA or agency must identify their Claim Administrator(s) so the Web-Claims feature will appear on their menu when they log in.  To receive a copy of the Claim Administrator form, contact Su Fennern, 503-947-5849.

EGMS training opportunities are posted on the grants webpage or you may consult with your district financial officer.    


What are the encumbrance numbers and liquidation dates for IDEA grant expenditures?

EGMS will automatically input the appropriate encumbrance number on the reimbursement request based on the district’s subgrant number; encumbrance numbers are used for internal ODE accounting purposes only.     Claims must be filed no later than 45 days after the end date for the grant.  All obligations must be liquidated within 90 days of the end date for the grant (OMB Circular A-110).  


Can an LEA get a grant extension?

Under the “Tydings Amendment,” Section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act, 20 USC 1225(b), any funds that are not obligated at the end of the federal funding period shall remain available for obligation for an additional period of 12 months.  EDGAR 76.709 also provides for a one year carryover period for federal grants.  Obligations made during a carryover period are subject to current statutes, regulations, and applications (Part 76, Section 76.710).

To eliminate the need for LEAs and agencies to request authorization for grant extensions, and to allow sufficient time for grant reconciliation by the state, ODE has established the practice of awarding grants for an eighteen (18) month period with no carryover.  An additional 45 day period beyond the grant closing date is provided for submission of all final claims.


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