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photo of an incredibly handsome man – that's me!

Later he wrote:

'Incredibly' means 'very very', or 'extremely'. 'Incredibly handsome' means 'so handsome that I'm amazed, I can't believe how good-looking this guy is'. I think that describes me quite well, don't you?

He received several good-natured comments in response:

How lovely to see such a handsome man, and at the same time he told us that he thinks himself he is gorgeous man...

[posted by Abdisamad, Somalia from Cairo, Egypt]

I'm very happy to read your blog. Your words are as funny as your face. Nice to see you, my teacher on line!

[posted by VanThu Nguyen from Viet Nam]

Hi,Alex You started your fist blog with showing your handsome face off.I wonder what makes you SOOOOOOOOO confident of your face.When I asked my son,who is five,whether your face is handsome or not he shook his head, stared at your picture for a while and said he was far better than you...

[posted by hyoshil from lincoln]

And the student blogger, Ana Paula, joined in the fun:

Well, handsome man? Where is he? Where is he? Ah... it?s you... I can see now! ( I?m kidding ) [ :) ].

To which Alex responded:

One more thing. Some of you mentioned that the man in the picture at the top of your screen DIDN'T look incredibly handsome. Please look again. If you STILL can't see an incredibly handsome man, I think you probably have a problem with your computer. Or maybe a problem with your eyes.

All the best,


Within this non-threatening context, language exploration is initiated and developed by all members of the blogging community. This from Alex's blog:

Before I go, I'd like to respond to some comments and questions from my last blog. Monica from Brazil asked if my 'weird' surname (Gooch) is English. Actually, Monica, it's Welsh. I'm sorry to say that I know almost nothing about the Welsh language, but I believe 'Gooch' comes from the Welsh word 'goch,' meaning 'red.'

TESL-EJ 11.4, March 2008

Chapman & Scott


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