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In 1930’s Mollie’s hot springs bathhouse with wooden tub was operated on the South Fork of the Salmon. Statesmen article. The numerous hot springs in the region are evidence of the many fault lines that are beneath the surface. They occasionally rattle the area with earthquakes. Rivers & Rails p16

May 1935 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Campbell opened Campbell’s Camp (North Shore Lodge). Cascade News 9/18/1936

1935 the Fish & Game planted 21,000 fingerlings in Warm Lake and 9,000 in Tule Lake. Cascade newspaper Aug. 30, 1935

1935 Warm Lake’s natural water level was raised about 15 inches by a dam at the outlet. Source: History of the Boise National Forest.

1935 Holverson cabin was built in Paradise Valley. Dr. Harmon Holverson oral history

1935 The water system was completed around the lake this fall.

1937 Travelair airplane broke partially through the ice at Deadwood while trying to take off. After the plane was removed from the hole it was being warmed up to melt the ice on it and gas from a broken fuel line ignited. The plane burnt up. Cascade News 1/15/1937

March 1939 Knox Lodge was open, snow was shoveled off roofs of all cabins at Warm Lake. Cox book

July 29, 1939 Ambrose Mitchell a CCC worker drowns in Warm Lake when a boat that he was rowing capsized. His body was recovered the next day. From the Cascade News Aug. 4, 1939.

1939 Warm Lake Hotel was purchased from Bill & Molly Kesler by Dr. Leo E. Jewell MD of Meridian. His brother-in-law Bill Dodds was manager. They sold to Bert and Ester Brewster in 1945.

1940-1960 Warm Lake had a post office. History of the Boise National Forest p146

1941-1953 the road was plowed all winter from Cascade to Landmark and Stibnite to haul ore for the war effort and meet demand. 83 Miles of Hell by Duane Peterson 1999

Dec. 1, 1942 gas rationed due to WWII, relaxed in 1944 and again in early 1945. During the war automobile production was shut down, gas and tire rationing was introduced, and a 35 mph speed limit was imposed to reduce tire wear. From the book Boise p.107


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