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Nov. 3, 1910 An Emmett Examiner article this date states, “ A message was received last evening that C. A. (Arthur) Cline (Billy Kline on USFS sign at Warm Lake) was found dead on the streets of Knox yesterday.” Arthur Cline was his legal name on the 1905 homestead applications with the USFS. His grave is north of the junction of the Warm Lake Highway and Stolle Meadows road. He had farmed the area by raising potatoes and hay. Irrigation water was obtained from a ditch that carried water from Warm Lake (at beach area to his farm). He did not complete the requirements to qualify for a homestead (USFS). Kline Mountain west of Warm Lake was named after him. He raised potatoes for sale to the miners on about 20 acres. The 1910 census of the Roosevelt precinct gives his age as 51 so he was born in 1859. Retired Ranger Val Simpson says Cline had been badly injured in a blasting accident at Thunder Mountain. From the Idaho World weekly newspaper at Idaho City on July 15, 1910 is the following article “Blown Out Of Tunnel, Report comes from Crawford that a Mr. Cline was brought in there from a hundred miles out in the mountains the other side of Knox pretty badly shot up. He was running a tunnel and was in 25 feet. He put in three shots of dynamite and two of them worked all right. He went to see what was the matter with the third and just as he reached the breast of the tunnel the last shot exploded, blowing Mr. Cline clear out of the hole. He was badly cut about the face, head and body and a number of stitches were necessary to sew him together again, but the doctor has hopes he will recover. Owing to the phone lines being down we were unable to get further details.” He died 3.5 months after the blasting accident.

1911 a twenty-foot wide road was built from Spring Valley, north of Boise, over Horseshoe Bend hill and at Banks it veered over the hills to Ola and on to Smiths Ferry. Source: Idaho Highway History 1863-1975.

1911 Bill and Molly Kesler started building at the Warm Lake hotel site (now Warm Lake Lodge). The hotel was located some 500’ toward the lake from the existing lodge.

1912 Daniel D. Robnett filed a new homestead entry on the Knox property. He built a log house and barn. Several acres were fenced and cultivated. Most of the older structures were not used. It is unknown why he left without obtaining a patent in 1916. From the State Genealogical Library file on Knox.

1912 first rough road from Smiths Ferry up Round Valley Creek to Round Valley, prior travel was east from Smiths Ferry over the ridge (Neebs Hill) to Round Valley.

Fall 1912 railroad track built past Smiths Ferry.

Aug. 3, 1913 an excursion train of 3 coaches went from Nampa to Smiths Ferry. Regular service began Aug. 20. Source: Rivers & Rails p38.

July 19, 1914 regular rail service to McCall began. Source: Rivers & Rails p38.

Spring 1914 the Reed family moved to a farmstead on the South Fork, 20 miles north of Knox.


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