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Fall 1914/spring 1915 Cascade had the first streets laid-out to begin the move of businesses and homes from Thunder City, Crawford, and Van Wyck. Cascade was adjacent to the railroad track and founded in 1912. From the book Once Upon A Time by Matthews at the Boise Pub. Library.

1914-1918 gold, antimony & cinnabar mined at Stibnite. Later tungsten & mercury mined.

1915 50 head of elk from Wyoming were railed to New Meadows and horsemen drove them to Round Valley and the Black Lake Preserve (located in the Seven Devils District). Prior to that no elk were in the area. It’s Fun To Remember p6.

1915 May 20 the land contest at Knox of Wm. Kesler vs D. A. Robnette was tried before commissioner F. S. Logue at Thunder yesterday. The evidence was all submitted and the commissioner will render a decision in a few days (Cascade News). Bill & Molly Kesler bought 8 buildings and their home from a fellow they thought was the owner. A year later Robnette appeared and claimed title to all 9 buildings. Molly ran him off the place and down the road 3 miles where he took refuge with an old miner. They thought there was to be a future for Knox. They were fleeced and the “fleecer” was gone. Source: Boise Statewide newspaper Jan. 24, 1947 titled “Molly of the Mountain”.

1915 Bob Barr had a farmstead in Paradise Valley. He harvested grass hay, and had horses. Straggler lambs from the sheep drive were given to him and collected on the return drive. His farmstead did not qualify for a homestead. He reportedly killed a farmer in Kansas before coming to Idaho. This site is now the Campbell cabin, lot 11. Gill/Foster/Holverson interviews. His cabin was made from rough sawn lumber from the sawmill at the mine some 8 miles north of Warm Lake. His cabin was the former assay office at the mine. Bob Barr showed Richard “Dick” Wilkie where a freighter was buried in front of his cabin, five foot from the creek, due to an accident on the Thunder Mountain road. Dick could not find the grave in 1999. As told by Dick Wilkie to LeRoy Meyer via phone.

1915 Bell phone system was connected to Cascade.

1915 first car arrived in Cascade/Crawford area.

1916 first airplane exhibited in Boise.

1917, Feb. 26, Valley County formed from Boise and Idaho Counties. The Handy Book For Genealogists

1917 Daniel D. Drake took up residence at Knox and filed the third homestead entry in 1918. The patent was granted in 1922. Drake operated the lodge and later built a new lodge “Drakes Lodge”. He was a packer too. In 1929 he sold the place to Benjamin H. Seward.


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