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1917 William Ben Rice was USFS Ranger on the South Fork of the Salmon (Warren Times). From 1925 to 1938 he was Payette National Forest Supervisor (the former Payette NF), from History of the Boise National Forest. Rice Peak was named after him (formerly Blue Point Peak). At the time of his death Jan. 13, 1950 (age 61) he was Regional Forester for the USFS. He reportedly was very instrumental in helping the Boy Scouts establish the camp at Warm Lake. Ross Hadfield oral history

1917 the road was constructed from Warm Lake to Landmark.

July 1, 1918 a nine-page article about the car trip from Boise to Warm Lake for a summer job surveying with the USGLO (now called the BLM) by Ernest May. The first car probably traveled to Warm Lake in the 1915-1918 era.

1918 or 1919 first radio seen in Boise.

June 1919 Dead Shot Reed at the Reed homestead site 20 miles north of Knox shot and killed George Krassel. Cascade News June 27, 1919.

1919, Sept. 19 Jesse Thompson age 14 was accidently shot while shooting salmon near Knox. Cascade News

1920 census was taken January 20. Warm Lake was in the South Fork precinct of Valley County.

1920 Jerry Logue took first car into Yellow Pine. Photo Valley Co. Historical Museum

1922 photo shows two log buildings at Hard Knox (where the Knox road joins the Warm Lake Highway). Bureau of Public Roads photo

Fall and winter of 1922 the Bureau of Public Roads contracted to replace the timber truss bridge (log abutments) with a steel truss bridge on concrete abutments on the South Fork of the Salmon River, Warm Lake Highway. The holes for the abutments were excavated during low water in the fall. Water was heated for the concrete. The fresh concrete was tented and heated so the concrete would cure and gain the proper strength.

1923 Thunderbolt lookout was built of logs and rebuilt in 1961-1962 using helicopters to transport material. USFS

1923 U.S. Bureau of Public Roads had a contract for road construction from the South Fork of the Salmon River to Landmark. This widened the road built in 1917.

1925 Clayne Baker’s grandfather Howard F. Baker built the Baker cabin on lot 1, on the east side of the lake. The logs were from a cabin at Knox that they bought. Burt Bostwick, a mountain man and prospector, lived at the Baker cabin for a time starting in 1926. Clayne Baker oral history


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