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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

(Rule 1200-01-07-.02, continued)


An applicant shall provide proof of the completion of all notices required to be given by the Commissioner within 10 days following conclusion of the public notice procedures.


The Commissioner shall give a public notice that a notice of intent to deny an original permit has been prepared under part (c)2 of this paragraph.



Public notice of the preparation of a draft permit or a notice of intent to deny an original permit shall allow at least 45 days for public comment.


Public notice of a public hearing shall be given at least 15 days before the hearing. (Public notice of the hearing may be given at the same time as public notice of the draft permit and the two notices may be combined.)

Methods - Public notice of activities described in subpart 1(i) of this subparagraph shall be given by the following:


By posting in a public place (e.g., post office, library, health department, etc) of the municipalities nearest the site under consideration; and


By publication of a notice in a daily or weekly local newspaper of general circulation as designated by the Commissioner; and


By any other method deemed necessary or appropriate by the Commissioner to give actual notice of the action in question to the persons potentially affected by it, including press releases or any other forum or medium to elicit public participation. Such additional notices shall be the




financial responsibility of the Commissioner. financially responsible for newspaper notices in county where coverage is deemed necessary.


The Commissioner is excess of one in each

General Public Notices - Except for the preliminary public notices described in subparagraph (a) of this paragraph, all public notices issued under this part shall contain the following minimum information:


Name, address and phone number of the office processing the permit action for which notice is being given;


Name and address of the permittee or permit applicant and, if different, of the facility or activity regulated by the permit;


A brief description of the business conducted at the facility or activity described in the permit application including the size and directions from a state highway or interstate, and/or a map (e.g., a sketched or copied street map if the location is remote or not easily accessible) to the facility and type of waste accepted;


A brief description of the comment procedures required by subparagraphs (f) and (g) of this paragraph, including a statement of procedures to request a public hearing (unless a hearing has already been scheduled), and other procedures by which the public may participate in the final permit decision;


May, 2010 (Revised)


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