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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

(Rule 1200-01-07-.01, continued)

“Geologic Buffer” means a geologic formation or engineered structure that provides resistances to hydraulic pressure gradients between a liner and the seasonal high water table.

“Geomembranes” means manufactured low permeability membrane liners and barriers used to control the migration of fluids or gases.

“Ground water” means water below the land surface in a zone of saturation.

“Hazardous wastes” means a hazardous waste as defined in rule 1200-1-11-.02(1)(c).

“Holocene” means the most recent epoch of the Quaternary period, extending from the end of the Pleistocene Epoch to the present.

“In operation” refers to a facility which is receiving or handling solid wastes.

“Incinerator” means an enclosed device using controlled flame combustion, the primary purpose of which is to thermally break down solid waste. Examples of incinerators are rotary kiln, fluidized bed, and liquid injection incinerators.

“Industrial Wastes” means solid wastes produced in, or generated by, industrial

manufacturing processes. hazardous waste regulated

The under

term does not include commercial, domestic, Subtitle C of RCRA, or oil and gas waste.


or or

“Initial cover” means cover material that is spread and compacted on the top, on the side slopes and on the working face of compacted solid waste at a disposal facility.

“Institutional wastes” means all solid waste which are not special wastes, emanating from institutions such as, but not limited to, hospitals, health care facilities, nursing homes, laboratories, orphanages, correctional institutions, schools and universities.

“Intermediate cover” means cover material that is spread and compacted on the top and side slopes of a disposal facility which must resist erosion for a longer period of time than initial cover.

“Junkyard” means a place which is maintained, operated, or used for storing, keeping, buying, or selling dismantled or wrecked automobiles, or parts thereof, or other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous metals.

“Karst” means a specific type of topography that is formed by dissolving or solution of carbonate formations, such as limestone or dolomite; it is characterized by closed depressions or sinkholes, caves, sinking and reappearing streams, and/or underground conduit drainage flow.

“Land application facility” means a facility where solid wastes are applied onto or incorporated into the soil surface (excluding manure spreading operations) for agricultural purposes.

“Land reclamation” means the restoration of productivity to lands made barren through processes such as erosion, mining or land clearing.

“Landfill” means a facility, other than a land application unit, where solid wastes are disposed of by burial in excavated pits or trenches or by placement on land and covering with soil or other approved material.

May, 2010 (Revised)


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