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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

(Rule 1200-01-07-.01, continued)

“Landscaping and land clearing wastes” means trees, stumps, brush, dirt, branches, leaves, clippings, etc. from landscaping and land clearing activities.

“Leachate” means a liquid that has passed through or emerged from solid waste and contains soluble, suspended, or miscible materials removed from such waste.

“Lift” means the compacted vertical thickness of a horizontal series of solid waste cells that have been constructed and upon which cover material has been placed. The cover may be either initial, intermediate, or final in application.

“Liner” means a continuous layer of natural or man-made materials, beneath or on the sides of a surface impoundment, landfill, or landfill cell, which restricts the downward or lateral escape of wastes, waste constituents, or leachate.

“Liquid wastes” means any waste material that is determined to contain “free liquids” as defined by Method 9095 (Paint and Filter Liquids Test), as described in “Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Wastes, Physical/Chemical Methods” (EPA Pub. No. SW-846).

“Lithified earth material” means all rock, including all naturally occurring and naturally formed aggregates or masses of minerals or small particles of older rock that formed by crystallization of magma or by induration of loose sediments. This term does not include man-made materials, such as fill, concrete, and asphalt, or unconsolidated earth materials, soil, or regolith lying at or near the earth surface.

“Lower explosive limit” means the lowest percent of volume of a mixture of explosive gases which will propagate a flame in air at 25o C and atmospheric pressure.

“Manure” means a solid waste composed of excreta of herbivorous domestic animals, and residual materials that have been used for bedding, sanitary or feeding purposes for such animals.

“Market” means the transfer or sale of recovered materials to be used, reused, and recycled.

“Maximum horizontal acceleration in lithified earth material” means the maximum expected horizontal acceleration depicted on a seismic hazard map, with a 90 percent or greater probability that the acceleration will not be exceeded in 250 years, or the maximum expected horizontal acceleration based on a site-specific seismic risk assessment.

“Medical wastes” means the following solid wastes:

  • (a)

    Wastes generated by hospitalized patients who are isolated to protect others from communicable diseases (see the U. S. Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals, July, 1983 for definition of diseases requiring such isolation).

  • (b)

    Cultures and stocks of infectious agents, including specimen cultures from medical and pathological laboratories, cultures and stocks of infectious agents from research and industrial laboratories, wastes from the production of biologicals, discarded live and attenuated vaccines, and culture dishes and devices used to transfer, inoculate, and mix cultures.

  • (c)

    Waste human blood and blood products such as serum, plasma, and other blood components.

  • (d)

    Pathological wastes (i.e., tissues, organs, body parts, and body fluids) that are removed during surgery and autopsy.

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