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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

Rule 1200-01-07-.04, continued)

    • (ii)

      The operator must not allow solid wastes which are burning or smoldering to be deposited into the active portion of the facility. Any such wastes that are received must be deposited at a location safely removed from the active portion and extinguished before being deposited into the active portion.

  • 2.

    The facility must have, on-site and continuously available, properly maintained fire suppression equipment in sufficient quantities to control accidental surface fires that may occur, or arrangements must be made with the local fire protection agency to provide immediate fire fighting services when needed. Additional earth moving equipment shall be brought to the facility as necessary to help suppress an underground fire.


Litter Control - A facility must be operated and maintained in a manner to minimize litter. Fencing, diking and/or other practices shall be provided as necessary to confine solid wastes subject to dispersal. All litter must be collected for disposal in a timely manner.

  • (e)

    Personnel Services - At Class I disposal facilities, and at Class II, Class III and Class IV disposal facilities as may be specified in the permits, there must be provided:

    • 1.

      A building or other shelter which is accessible to facility personnel and which has

adequate screening, heating facilities, and lighting;

    • 2.

      Safe drinking water; and

    • 3.

      Sanitary hand-washing and toilet facilities.

  • (f)

    Communications - The facility must have operating and effective communications

devices (e.g., telephone, 2-way radio) capable of summoning emergency assistance on-site and available to facility personnel at all times the facility is in operation.

  • (g)

    Operating Equipment - At Class I disposal facilities, and at Class II, Class III and Class IV disposal facilities unless the Commissioner deems some other arrangement as adequate for proper facility operation, there must be maintained on-site operating equipment capable of spreading and properly compacting the volume of solid wastes received, and capable of handling the earthwork required. Back-up equipment must be available within 24 hours of primary equipment breakdown.

  • (h)

    Availability of Cover Material - Cover material sufficient to meet the initial and intermediate cover requirements of this rule must be available at the facility. If such material must be hauled in from off-site, at least a 30-day supply shall be maintained on-site at all times.


Run-on, Run-off, and Erosion Control


The operator must design, construct, operate, and maintain a run-on control system capable of preventing flow onto the active portion of the facility for all flow up to and including peak discharge from a 24-hour, 25-year storm.


The operator must design, construct, operate, and maintain a run-off management system to collect and control at least the peak flow volume resulting from a 24-hour, 25-year storm.


Holding facilities (e.g., sediment basins) associated with run-on and run-off control systems must be designed to detain at least the water volume resulting

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