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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

Rule 1200-01-07-.04, continued)

  • (a)

    Class I Disposal Facilities must be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained such that any gases generated by decomposition or other reaction of solid waste are collected and vented, recovered, or otherwise managed such that:

    • 1.

      There is no buildup of gas pressure under the final cover such that the functions

of such cover (including any cap) are compromised;

  • 2.

    The concentration of explosive gases in facility structures (excluding gas control or recovery system components) does not exceed 25 percent of the lower explosive limit for the gases;

  • 3.

    The concentration of explosive gases at the property boundary does not exceed the lower explosive limit for the gases;


The minimum frequency of monitoring shall be quarterly and the operator shall keep records to comply with the monitoring and records requirements at rule 1200-01-07-.02(4)(a)9; and monitoring shall include at least the following locations:

  • (i)

    Underneath or in the low area of each on-site building;

  • (ii)

    At locations along the boundary as shown in the permit;

  • (iii)

    At any potential gas problem areas, as revealed by dead vegetation or

other indicators; and

    • (iv)

      At any other points required by the permit.

  • 5.

    Within 60 days of detection above the limits set in parts 1, 2, and 3 of this subparagraph, implement a Department approved remediation plan for the methane gas releases. Pending the remediation, the owner/operator must take all necessary steps to ensure immediate protection of human health.

  • (b)

    Class II and Class III Disposal Facilities must meet the standards for Class I disposal facilities in subparagraph (a) of this paragraph unless the operator demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that, due to the nature of his solid wastes or operation, no significant amounts of gas will be generated within his facility.

  • (c)

    Class IV Disposal Facilities shall not be required to have gas migration control features.

  • (6)

    Waste Handling and Cover Standards

    • (a)

      Class I Disposal Facilities

      • 1.

        The unloading of solid wastes at the disposal area must be confined to the

smallest practicable area, and must be supervised by trained facility personnel to ensure safety and compliance with waste restriction requirements.


Promptly upon unloading, solid wastes (except in the case of solid waste balefills or other instances specifically approved in writing by the Commissioner) shall be spread in shallow (less than three-foot) layers and compacted with appropriate equipment to the maximum practicable density. Special wastes must be handled as specified either in the permit or in the special waste approval granted by the Commissioner.

May, 2010 (Revised)


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