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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

Rule 1200-01-07-.04, continued)

  • (I)

    The Commissioner may delete any of the Appendix I monitoring parameters for a SWLF unit if it can be shown that the removed constituents are not reasonably expected to be in or derived from the waste contained in the unit and

  • (II)

    The Commissioner may establish an alternative list of inorganic indicator parameters for a SWLF unit, in lieu of some or all of the heavy metals (constituents 1-17 in Appendix 1 to this rule), if the alternative parameters provide a reliable indication of inorganic releases from the SWLF unit to the ground water. In determining alternative parameters, the Commissioner shall consider the following factors:

  • I.

    The types, quantities, and concentrations of constituents in wastes managed at the SWLF unit;

  • II.

    The mobility, stability, and persistence of waste constituents or their reaction products in the unsaturated zone beneath the SWLF unit;

  • III.

    The detectability of indicator parameters, waste constituents, and reaction products in the ground water; and

  • IV.

    The concentration or values and coefficients of variation of monitoring parameters or constituents in the ground water background.

  • (ii)

    The monitoring frequency for all constituents listed in Appendix I to this rule, or in the alternative list approved in accordance with Rule 1200-01- 07-.04(7)(a)5(i)(I) or (II) above, shall be at least semi-annual during active life of the solid waste disposal facility (including closure) and the post- closure period.

    • (I)

      The number of samples collected to establish ground water quality data must be consistent with an appropriate statistical procedure to be selected by the operator which will provide with reasonable confidence that the migration of waste constituents from the facility into and through the uppermost aquifer at the compliance monitoring boundary will be indicated.

  • (II)

    A minimum of four independent samples from each monitoring well (upgradient and down gradient) must be collected and analyzed for the constituents contained in Appendix I of this Rule, or those in the alternative list approved under Rule 1200-01-07-.04(7)(a)5(i)(I) or

    • (II)

      , during the first semi-annual sampling event period. Each of the four independent samples (of each monitoring well) are to be collected and analyzed at approximately equally dispersed intervals throughout the six month long semi-annual sampling event. At least one sample from each well must be collected and analyzed during subsequent semi-annual sampling events.

  • (III)

    The elevation of the ground water surface must be determined and recorded at each monitoring well each time a sample is obtained, but prior to pumping or bailing any wells.

May, 2010 (Revised)


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