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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

(Rule 1200-01-07-.01, continued)

“Operator” means the person or persons applying for or holding a permit, or who are otherwise responsible for the operation of a facility.

“Parcel” means a discrete portion of a disposal facility. (See “Phased Development Plan.”)

“Permit” means the written authorization granted to a person by the Commissioner, to

operate a solid waste processing and/or disposal facility. “registration” are synonymous for purposes of this rule chapter.

The terms “permit” and

“Permittee” means any person holding a valid permit under the Act to operate a processing and/or disposal facility.

“Person” means any and all persons, natural or artificial, including any individual, firm or association, and municipal or private corporation organized or existing under the laws of this state or any other state, and any governmental agency or county of this state and any department, agency, or instrumentality of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government.

“Personnel” or “facility personnel” means all persons who work at or oversee the operations of a processing or disposal facility, and whose actions or failure to act may result in non- compliance with the requirements of the permit.

“Pesticide wastes” means wastes from the use, or preparation for use, of a substance or mixture of substances intended for destroying, preventing, repelling, or otherwise controlling

plant or animal pests. insecticides, fungicides,

The term pesticide is rodenticides, miticides,

a generic term which etc. Pesticide wastes

includes include,

necessarily limited to, unused pesticide product, leftover mixed equipment rinsate, containers (excluding properly rinsed containers), pesticide.

material, and other

herbicides, but are not tanks and residues of

“Phased development plan” means a plan for developing a tract of land as a disposal facility in sequential segments, or parcels, provided that the entire tract of land is covered by a permit authorizing such use. As used in this rule, a parcel must be of adequate acreage to sustain at least five years of use based on estimated solid waste volumes to be handled over that period.

“Placing” includes, but is not limited to discharging, depositing, injecting, releasing, dumping, spilling, spreading, and leaking.

“Poor foundation conditions” means those areas where features exist which indicate that a natural or man-induced event may result in inadequate foundation support for the structural components of an SWLF unit.

“Post-closure care” refers to the taking of those actions after closure of a disposal facility or a disposal facility parcel which are necessary to meet the post-closure care requirements of rule 1200-01-07-.04(8).

“Post-closure care period” means the period of time following closure of the landfill or landfill parcel during which the operator must perform post-closure care.

“Privately owned solid waste disposal system” means a solid waste disposal system owned by a non-governmental entity which processes or disposes of its solid waste in facilities that have either a valid permit or a permit-by-rule.

May, 2010 (Revised)


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