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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

Rule 1200-01-07-.04, continued)


The operator must notify the Division Director of his intent to close at least 60 days prior to the date he expects to begin final closure of the disposal facility or disposal facility parcel.


The operator must complete closure activities including grading and establishing vegetative cover in the shortest practicable time, not to exceed 180 days, after any fill areas or any portion of the fill areas have achieved final grade, unless the

Commissioner allows otherwise in the permit. modified to provide, minimum areas for closure plans. Such modifications of closure plans, for

Permits may provide, or be which will be shown in closure the sole purpose of identifying

minimum complete otherwise herein.

closure areas, shall be deemed minor modifications.

When these

closure areas reach provided in this part

final and

grade, these areas within the 180 day

shall be closed as time frame provided


Unless otherwise noted in the permit a depth of compacted final cover material (e.g., soil) shall be placed on the disposal facility or disposal facility parcel in the shortest practicable time, not to exceed 90 days, after achieving final grade of any fill area or any portion of a fill area. At least the top twelve inches of this cover material shall be soil which will support the growth of suitable vegetation

  • (e.

    g., topsoil).

  • (i)

    At Class I and Class II facilities the depth of final cover system shall be at least 36 inches of soil of which a minimum of 12 inches shall be for the support of vegetative cover.

The design of the final cover system shall be such that the infiltration volume of water will be equal to or less than the percolation volume through the bottom liner system or a design which includes a compacted soil layer of at least 24 inches which has a permeability no greater than 1 x

10 -7 c m / s e c , of the HELP Commissioner. w

h i c h e v e r i model or s l

ess. other T h i s d e s i g n s h a l l b equivalent method approved by the e s u p p o r t e d b y t h e use

An alternate final cover system may be used provided that it is demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that the final cover system provides equivalent or superior performance to the minimum performance standard in this subpart.

  • (ii)

    At Class III and Class IV facilities, unless the Commissioner determines that a greater depth is needed to achieve the general performance standard of subparagraph (a) of this paragraph, the depth of final cover shall be at least 30 inches of compacted soil. The final cover consists of an 18 inch low permeability layer overlain by a 12 inch protective layer.

  • (iii)

    At Class I, II, III, and IV facilities, with approval of the Commissioner any other low permeability layer construction techniques or materials may be used to provide the final cover, provided that it provides equivalent or superior performance to the requirements of this part.


The final surface of the disposal facility or disposal facility parcel shall be graded and/or provided with drainage facilities in a manner that:


Minimizes precipitation run-on from adjacent areas onto the disposal facility or disposal facility parcel;

May, 2010 (Revised)


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