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CHAPTER 1200-01-07

(Rule 1200-01-07-.01, continued)

“Processing facility” means a combination of structures, machinery or devices utilized to perform solid waste processing, including other storage and processing areas. The term does not include collection vehicles.

“Public water supply system” means a system that supplies to the public piped water for human consumption, if such system has at least 15 service connections or regularly serves an average of at least 25 individuals daily at least 60 days of the year.

“Putrescible Wastes” means solid wastes that contain organic matter capable of being decomposed by micro-organisms and of such a character and proportion as to be capable of attracting or providing food for birds.

“Qualified ground-water scientist” means a scientist or engineer who has received a baccalaureate or post-graduate degree in the natural science or engineering and has sufficient training and experience in groundwater hydrology and related fields as may be demonstrated by state registration, professional certification, or completion of accredited university programs that enable that individual to make sound professional judgments regarding groundwater monitoring, contaminant fate and transport, and corrective action.

“Reclaim,” “recover,” or “recycle” means any method, technique, or process utilized to separate, process, modify, convert, treat, or otherwise prepare solid waste so that component materials or substances may be beneficially used or re-used as products, raw materials, or energy sources, except that any use or reuse of a solid waste may not be used in a manner that would constitute solid waste disposal.

“Registration” means a process by which a solid waste disposal or processing operation is granted a permit to operate. In this rule chapter, the words “registration” and “permit” are

synonymous and may be used interchangeably.

“Representative sample” means a sample of a universe or whole (e.g

., leachate, sludge,

surface impoundment, surface water, ground water) which can be expected to exhibit the average properties of the universe or whole.

“Residue” shall mean any solid that remains after completion of solid waste processing including incineration products such as bottom ash, fly ash and grate siftings.

“Run-off” means any rainwater, or other liquid that drains overland from any part of a facility.

“Run-on” means any rainwater, or other liquid that drains overland onto any part of a facility.

“Salvaging” means the controlled removal of solid waste for utilization from a solid waste processing or disposal facility.

“Sanitary landfill” means a method of disposing of solid waste into or on land without creating nuisances or hazards to public health or to the environment by utilizing the principles of engineering to confine the solid waste to the smallest practical area, to reduce it to the smallest practical volume, and to cover it with a layer(s) of an approved material.

“Saturated zone” means that part of the earth’s crust in which all voids are filled with water.

“Scavenging” means the uncontrolled removal of solid waste from a solid waste processing or disposal facility.

“Seismic impact zone” means an area with a ten percent or greater probability that the maximum horizontal acceleration in lithified earth materials, expressed as a fraction of the earth’s gravitational pull will exceed 0.10g in 250 years.

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