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readers used in retail stores operate in the 2.4 Ghz frequency and that many corporations are experimenting with 802.11b access points.

As far as the speed of your driving is concerned, take note that your average GPS device will only update every second and it takes Kismet about 4 seconds to hop through all of the channels of the 802.11b protocol. NetStumbler will quickly detect wireless access points because it is actively seeking access points and utilizing the

    • 802.11

      b protocol that aids in the quick discovery of access points.

      • V.


Onceea wardriving=session h2as2been complete5d,Dit is time to0present theEdata in a visual form that is easy to understand. The de-facto standard for doing this is to plot all of the wireless access points on a map and to color the markers red for WEP encrypted and green for no encryption.

This process can be completed by uploading your data to a web site that serves as a global repository for discovered access points or to use readily available software on your computer to generate your own maps.

Two websites exist that allow wardrivers to upload access point information and locations. This data is compiled into a master list and plotted on a map in real time. The two websites are:

  • http://www.wigle.net

  • http://mapserver.zhrodague.net

A central website is a great method of sharing data with others across the world, but it may be difficult to isolate and analyze the results from your specific wardriving session.

One popular mapping utility that is used to visualize wardriving data is called StumbVerter (http://www.sonar-security.com). StumbVerter is a Windows program that uses maps from Microsoft Map Point 2002 and imports wireless access point data in wi- scan formats.

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