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MacStumbler contains the following features:

  • Active scanning for wireless access points

  • Logs access points to a plain text file (not wi-scan compliant)

In the future, korben plans to add GPS support to MacStumbler.

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Figure 1: Screenshot of MacStumbler, by korben, from http://homepage.mac.com/macstumbler/

Windows - Network Stumbler (NetStumbler)

NetStumbler (http://www.stumbler.net), by Marius Milner, is the easiest to setup and most popular scanner used on the Windows platform. NetStumbler functions by emitting 802.11b probes that ask wireless access points to respond if they are nearby. Wireless access points are configured by default to respond to these probes, but this option may be turned off to thwart wardrivers from detecting your wireless access point, otherwise known as “cloaking” (Morrissey, p.3).

NetStumbler supports Hermes and Aironet-based wireless LAN cards. Prism support is included with Windows XP.

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NetStumbler contains the following features:

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  • Logs access points to NS1, extended and summary wi-scan, and plain text files

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