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Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Applications Engineered tooling solutions has experience and expertise in design and manufacture of a wide range of tools. The excellence in quality and reliability in tooling flows through various product lines serves by the tool room. The services find application in:

  • Thermoset and thermoplastic moulds

    • -

      Injection moulds

    • -

      Compression moulds

    • -


  • Press tools

    • -

      Progressive dies

    • -

      Lamination tools

    • -

      Carbide insert tools

  • Pressure die casting dies

Target Countries USA, Europe, South Africa, Iran and Middle East

L&T holds patents for some of their processes and products.

Organisation Larsen and Toubro Limited, Engineered Tooling Solutions


Moulds for Injection Moulding

Description Supreme's state-of-the-art technology centre at Mumbai is the largest mould development facility in India. It is also the most advanced unit of its kind in the country featuring new generation equipment and sophisticated quality assurance systems.

The centre is equipped to handle the entire gamut of mould production operations of a turnkey basis: from product design to prototype making, to mould development, manufacture, proving and trial.

The centre also offers moulding facilities to its clients, if they so desire. The company's state-of-art plants offers the best moulding facilities. An array of moulding machines with locking tonnage ranging from 80 to 250T stand ready to handle the most challenging projects including moulds weighing upto 12 kg a piece.

Process from concept to finished moulds The journey from concept to finished moulds is:

  • New Generation CAD systems are employed to create 3D Models of both the cavity and core - speedily and accurately matched to specifications

  • These designs are then brought to life at the centre's sophisticated machine shop. The world's most advanced intricate form machining equipments shapes the mould into reality using powerful 3D software. CNC machines deliver precision that is measurable in microns

  • Mould proving and trial are undertaken on an intensive and extensive basis

  • Internationally certified quality control systems and procedures are employed throughout to ensure flawless, uncompromising excellence

  • To enhance the centre's formidable capabilities even further, electronic digitising equipment and large die-spotting machine will join the existing fleet of sophisticated hardware

Application The products made from Supreme moulds are:

  • Automotive Components

    • -

      4 wheelers: Radiator grills, interior trim, scuff plates, mudguards, mud-flaps, corner bumpers, bezels, instrument panels, glow boxes and lids, water deflectors, body protectors etc

    • -

      2 wheelers: Handlebar covers, seat trim, mudguards, shields, seat bases, etc

  • Electronic Appliance parts

    • -

      Washing machine bases, balancer cases, door windows, door bezels, lids. Cabinet for TVs, computer and audio systems. Water heat exteriors

  • Air conditioner and Refrigerator components

    • -

      Front grills, kick plates, chill trays etc

  • Moulded Furniture

    • -

      Garden furniture, mass seating systems, children's furniture

  • Crates

    • -

      Industrial crates, special purpose and custom developed crates

  • PVC pipe fittings

    • -

      Fittings for agricultural, SWV, SWR, ASTM and plumbing pipes

  • Food serviceware

  • Thermoforming tools



Engineering & Manufacturing Services

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