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Patient Service-Nursing / Patient Rounds / Structured Method of Sharing Information / BESt 060

Table of Recommendation Strength (see note above)



“Strongly recommended”

There is consensus that benefits clearly outweigh risks and burdens


(or visa-versa for negative recommendations). There is consensus that benefits are closely balanced with risks and burdens.

No recommendation made

There is lack of consensus to direct development of a recommendation.

Dimensions: In determining the strength of a recommendation, the development group makes a considered judgment in a consensus process that incorporates critically appraised evidence, clinical experience, and other dimensions as listed below.

  • 1.

    Grade of the Body of Evidence (see note above)

  • 2.

    Safety / Harm

  • 3.

    Health benefit to patient (direct benefit)

  • 4.

    Burden to patient of adherence to recommendation (cost, hassle, discomfort, pain, motivation, ability to adhere, time)

  • 5.

    Cost-effectiveness to healthcare system (balance of cost / savings of resources, staff time, and supplies based on published studies or onsite analysis)

  • 6.

    Directness (the extent to which the body of evidence directly answers the clinical question [population/problem, intervention, comparison, outcome])

  • 7.

    Impact on morbidity/mortality or quality of life

Supporting information

Introductory/background information

Bedside rounds are routine for inpatient units at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Due to a variety of factors, parents aren’t always present for rounds. How they get information from rounds differs and is not formalized in any way. This literature review process was undertaken to identify pertinent studies relating to sharing information from rounds to parents and if this positively impacted the satisfaction parents had for the hospital stay.

Group/team members

Group/Team Leader: Diane Comp, BSN, RN, Care Manager, B6TC e-mail address: diane.comp@cchmc.org

Support personnel: Susan McGee, MSN, RN, CNP, EBP Mentor, Center for Professional Excellence, Research & EBP

Search strategy

OVID MEDLINE, OVID CINAHL. Search terms: communication, patient rounds, parent satisfaction, rounds, multidisciplinary, pediatric.

Search limits: publication date of 1999 or sooner, English language. NACRHI electronic mailing list-Questions submitted to answer the clinical question.

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