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12rest in the spiritual ideal, or Christ. For "who is so great a God as our God!" unchangeable, all-wise, all- just, all-merciful; the ever-loving, ever-living Life, Truth,

15Love: comforting such as mourn, opening the prison doors to the captive, marking the unwinged bird, pitying with more than a father's pity; healing the sick, cleansing

18the leper, raising the dead, saving sinners. As we think thereon, man's true sense is filled with peace, and power; and we say, It is well that Christian Science has taken

21expressive silence wherein to muse His praise, to kiss the feet of Jesus, adore the white Christ, and stretch out our arms to God.

24The last act of the tragedy on Calvary rent the veil of matter, and unveiled Love's great legacy to mortals: Love forgiving its enemies. This grand act crowned

27and still crowns Christianity: it manumits mortals; it translates love; it gives to suffering, inspiration; to patience, experience; to experience, hope; to hope, faith;

30to faith, understanding; and to understanding, Love tri- umphant!

In proportion to a man's spiritual progress, he will

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1indeed drink of our Master's cup, and be baptized with his baptism ! be purified as by fire, — the fires of suffering;

3then hath he part in Love's atonement, for "whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth." Then shall he also reign with him: he shall rise to know that there is no sin,

6that there is no suffering; since all that is real is right. This knowledge enables him to overcome the world, the flesh, and all evil, to have dominion over his own sinful

9sense and self. Then shall he drink anew Christ's cup, in the kingdom of God — the reign of righteousness — within him; he shall sit down at the Father's right hand:

12sit down; not stand waiting and weary; but rest on the bosom of God; rest, in the understanding of divine Love that passeth all understanding; rest, in that which "to

15know aright is Life eternal," and whom, not having seen, we love.

Then shall he press on to Life's long lesson, the eternal

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