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24is less current. Christian Scientists have a strong race to run, and foes in ambush; but bear in mind that, in the long race, honesty always defeats dishonesty.

27God hath indeed smiled on my church, — this daughter of Zion: she sitteth in high places; and to de- ride her is to incur the penalty of which the Hebrew

30bard spake after this manner: "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision."

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1Hitherto, I have observed that in proportion as this church has smiled on His "little ones," He has blessed

3her. Throughout my entire connection with The Mother Church, I have seen, that in the ratio of her love for others, hath His love been bestowed upon her; watering

6her waste places, and enlarging her borders.

One thing I have greatly desired, and again earnestly request, namely, that Christian Scientists, here and

9elsewhere, pray daily for themselves; not verbally, nor on bended knee, but mentally, meekly, and importu- nately. When a hungry heart petitions the divine Father-

12Mother God for bread, it is not given a stone, — but more grace, obedience, and love. If this heart, humble and trustful, faithfully asks divine Love to feed it with the

15bread of heaven, health, holiness, it will be conformed to a fitness to receive the answer to its desire; then will flow into it the "river of His pleasure," the tributary of divine

18Love, and great growth in Christian Science will follow, — even that joy which finds one's own in another's good.

To love, and to be loved, one must do good to others.

21The inevitable condition whereby to become blessed, is to bless others: but here, you must so know yourself, under God's direction, that you will do His will even though

24your pearls be downtrodden. Ofttimes the rod is His means of grace; then it must be ours, — we cannot avoid wielding it if we reflect Him.

27Wise sayings and garrulous talk may fall to the ground, rather than on the ear or heart of the hearer; but a tender sentiment felt, or a kind word spoken, at the right moment,

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