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18mind — for other green eyes to gaze on: he will always find somebody in his way, and try to push him aside; will see somebody's faults to magnify under the lens that

21he never turns on himself.

What have been your Leader's precepts and example! Were they to save the sinner, and to spare his exposure

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so long as a hope remained of thereby benefiting him? Has her life exemplified long-suffering, meekness, charity,


She readily leaves the answer to those who know her.

6Do we yet understand how much better it is to be wronged, than to commit wrong? What do we find in the Bible, and in the Christian Science textbook, on this

9subject? Does not the latter instruct you that looking continually for a fault in somebody else, talking about it, thinking it over, and how to meet it, — "rolling sin as a

12sweet morsel under your tongue," — has the same power to make you a sinner that acting thus regarding disease has to make a man sick? Note the Scripture on this

15subject: "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."  

The Christian Science Board of Directors has borne

18the burden in the heat of the day, and it ought not to be expected that they could have accomplished, without one single mistake, such Herculean tasks as they have

21accomplished. He who judges others should know well whereof he speaks. Where the motive to do right exists, and the majority of one's acts are right, we should avoid

24referring to past mistakes. The greatest sin that one can commit against himself is to wrong one of God's "little ones."

27Know ye not that he who exercises the largest charity, and waits on God, renews his strength, and is exalted? Love is not puffed up; and the meek and loving, God

30anoints and appoints to lead the line of mankind's tri- umphal march out of the wilderness, out of darkness into light.

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1Whoever challenges the errors of others and cherishes his own, can neither help himself nor others; he will be

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