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The diviner claim and means for upbuilding the Church of Christ were prospered. Our title to God's acres will

27be safe and sound — when we can "read our title clear" to heavenly mansions. Built on the rock, our church will stand the storms of ages: though the material super-

30structure should crumble into dust, the fittest would sur- vive, — the spiritual idea would live, a perpetual type of the divine Principle it reflects.

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1The First Church of Christ, Scientist, our prayer in stone, will be the prophecy fulfilled, the monument up-

3reared, of Christian Science. It will speak to you of the Mother, and of your hearts' offering to her through whom was revealed to you God's all-power, all-presence, and

6all-science. This building begun, will go up, and no one can suffer from it, for no one can resist the power that is behind it; and against this church temple "the gates

9of hell" cannot prevail.

All loyal Christian Scientists hail with joy this pro- posed type of universal Love; not so, however, with

12error, which hates the bonds and methods of Truth, and shudders at the freedom, might, and majesty of Spirit, — even the annihilating law of Love.

15I vindicate both the law of God and the laws of our land. I believe, — yea, I understand, — that with the spirit of Christ actuating all the parties concerned about

18the legal quibble, it can easily be corrected to the satis- faction of all. Let this be speedily done. Do not, I im- plore you, stain the early history of Christian Science by

21the impulses of human will and pride; but let the divine will and the nobility of human meekness rule this busi- ness transaction, in obedience to the law of Love and the

24laws of our land.

As the ambassador of Christ's teachings, I admonish you: Delay not longer to commence building our church

27in Boston; or else return every dollar that you yourselves declare you have had no legal authority for obtaining, to the several contributors, — and let them, not you, say

30what shall be done with their money.

Of our first church in Boston, O recording angel! write: God is in the midst of her: how beautiful are her

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1feet! how beautiful are her garments! how hath He en- larged her borders! how hath He made her wildernesses

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