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12that those unfortunate individuals are virtually thy best friends. Primarily and ultimately, they are doing thee good far beyond the present sense which thou canst enter-

15tain of good.                           

Whom we call friends seem to sweeten life's cup and to fill it with the nectar of the gods. We lift this cup

18to our lips; but it slips from our grasp, to fall in frag- ments before our eyes. Perchance, having tasted its tempting wine, we become intoxicated; become lethar-

21gic, dreamy objects of self-satisfaction; else, the con- tents of this cup of selfish human enjoyment having lost its flavor, we voluntarily set it aside as tasteless and

24unworthy of human aims.                   

And wherefore our failure longer to relish this fleet- ing sense, with its delicious forms of friendship,

27wherewith mortals become educated to gratification in personal pleasure and trained in treacherous peace? Because it is the great and only danger in the path

30that winds upward. A false sense of what consti- tutes happiness is more disastrous to human progress than all that an enemy or enmity can obtrude upon

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1the mind or engraft upon its purposes and achievements wherewith to obstruct life's joys and enhance its sor-


We have no enemies. Whatever envy, hatred, revenge — the most remorseless motives that govern mortal mind

6— whatever these try to do, shall "work together for good to them that love God."


9Because He has called His own, armed them, equipped them, and furnished them defenses impregnable. Their God will not let them be lost; and if they fall they shall

12rise again, stronger than before the stumble. The good cannot lose their God, their help in times of trouble. If they mistake the divine command, they will recover

15it, countermand their order, retrace their steps, and reinstate His orders, more assured to press on safely. The best lesson of their lives is gained by crossing

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