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18swords with temptation, with fear and the besetments of evil; insomuch as they thereby have tried their strength and proven it; insomuch as they have found

21their strength made perfect in weakness, and their fear is self-immolated.

This destruction is a moral chemicalization, wherein

24old things pass away and all things become new. The worldly or material tendencies of human affections and pursuits are thus annihilated; and this is the advent of

27spiritualization. Heaven comes down to earth, and mortals learn at last the lesson, "I have no enemies." Even in belief you have but one (that, not in reality),

30and this one enemy is yourself — your erroneous belief that you have enemies; that evil is real; that aught but good exists in Science. Soon or late, your enemy will

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1wake from his delusion to suffer for his evil intent; to find that, though thwarted, its punishment is tenfold.

3Love is the fulfilling of the law: it is grace, mercy, and justice. I used to think it sufficiently just to abide by our State statutes; that if a man should aim a ball at

6my heart, and I by firing first could kill him and save my own life, that this was right. I thought, also, that if I taught indigent students gratuitously, afterwards

9assisting them pecuniarily, and did not cease teach- ing the wayward ones at close of the class term, but followed them with precept upon precept; that if my

12instructions had healed them and shown them the sure way of salvation, — I had done my whole duty to students.

Love metes not out human justice, but divine mercy.

15If one's life were attacked, and one could save it only in accordance with common law, by taking another's, would one sooner give up his own? We must love our

18enemies in all the manifestations wherein and whereby we love our friends; must even try not to expose their faults, but to do them good whenever opportunity

21occurs. To mete out human justice to those who per- secute and despitefully use one, is not leaving all retribu- tion to God and returning blessing for cursing. If special

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