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9card in The C. S. Journal), that you or your lawyer will ask them all questions important for your case, and re- quested that they furnish all information possible. They

12will be glad to help you. Every true Christian Scientist will feel "as bound with you," but as free in Truth and Love, safe under the shadow of His wing.

15Yes, my student, my Father is your Father; and He helps us most when help is most needed, for He is the ever-present help.

18I am glad that you are in good cheer. I enclose you the name of Mr. E. A. Kimball, C. S. D., of Chicago, — 5020 Woodlawn Ave., — for items relative to Mrs. Steb-

21bin's case.

"Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. And He shall bring forth

24thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday." This I know, for God is for us.

Write me when you need me. Error has no power

27but to destroy itself. It cannot harm you; it cannot stop the eternal currents of Truth. Ever with love,


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My Beloved Student: — In reply to your letter I will

3say: God's ways are not as our ways; but higher far than the heavens above the earth is His wisdom above ours. When I requested you to be ordained, I little

6thought of the changes about to be made. When I in- sisted on your speaking without notes, I little knew that so soon another change in your pulpit would be demanded.

9But now, after His messenger has obeyed the message of divine Love, comes the interpretation thereof. But you see we both had first to obey, and to do this through faith,

12not sight.

The meaning of it all, as now shown, is this: when you were bidden to be ordained, it was in reward for your

15faithful service, thus to honor it. The second command, to drop the use of notes, was to rebuke a lack of faith in divine help, and to test your humility and obedience in

18bearing this cross.

All God's servants are minute men and women. As of old, I stand with sandals on and staff in hand, wait-

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