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21ing for the watchword and the revelation of what, how, whither. Let us be faithful and obedient, and God will do the rest.

24In the April number of The Christian Science Journal you will find the forthcoming completion (as I now think) of the divine directions sent out to the churches. It is

27satisfactory to note, however, that the order therein given corresponds to the example of our Master. Jesus was not ordained as our churches ordain ministers. We

30have no record that he used notes when preaching. He

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1spake in their synagogues, reading the Scriptures and expounding them; and God has given to this age "Science

3and Health with Key to the Scriptures," to elucidate His Word.

You may read this letter to your church, and then

6send it to Rev. Mr. Norcross, and he will understand. May the God of all grace give you peace. With love,



Beloved Students: — My heart has many rooms: one

12of these is sacred to the memory of my students. Into this upper chamber, where all things are pure and of good report, — into this sanctuary of love, — I often

15retreat, sit silently, and ponder. In this chamber is memory's wardrobe, where I deposit certain recollec- tions and rare grand collections once in each year. This

18is my Christmas storehouse. Its goods commemorate, — not so much the Bethlehem babe, as the man of God, the risen Christ, and the adult Jesus. Here I deposit

21the gifts that my dear students offer at the shrine of Christian Science, and to their lone Leader. Here I talk once a year, — and this is a bit of what I said in 1890:

24"O glorious Truth ! O Mother Love ! how has the sense of Thy children grown to behold Thee! and how have many weary wings sprung upward! and how has our

27Model, Christ, been unveiled to us, and to the age!"

I look at the rich devices in embroidery, silver, gold, and jewels,—all gifts of Christian Scientists from all

30parts of our nation, and some from abroad, — then al-

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1most marvel at the power and permanence of affection under the régime of Christian Science! Never did grati-

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