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30Of the lineage of David, like him he went forth, simple as the shepherd boy, to disarm the Goliath. Panoplied in the strength of an exalted hope, faith, and understand-

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1ing, he sought to conquer the three-in-one of error: the world, the flesh, and the devil.

3Three years he went about doing good. He had for thirty years been preparing to heal and teach divinely; but his three-years mission was a marvel of glory: its

6chaplet, a grave to mortal sense dishonored — from which sprang a sublime and everlasting victory!

He who dated time, the Christian era, and spanned

9eternity, was the meekest man on earth. He healed and taught by the wayside, in humble homes: to arrant hypocrite and to dull disciples he explained the Word

12of God, which has since ripened into interpretation through Science.

His words were articulated in the language of a de-

15clining race, and committed to the providence of God. In no one thing seemed he less human and more divine than in his unfaltering faith in the immortality of Truth.

18Referring to this, he said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away!" and they have not: they still live; and are the basis of divine

21liberty, the medium of Mind, the hope of the race.

Only three years a personal Saviour! yet the founda- tions he laid are as eternal as Truth, the chief corner-


After his brief brave struggle, and the crucifixion of the corporeal man, the incorporeal Saviour — the Christ

27or spiritual idea which leadeth into all Truth — must needs come in Christian Science, demonstrating the spir- itual healing of body and mind.

30This idea or divine essence was, and is, forever about the Father's business; heralding the Principle of health, holiness, and immortality.

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