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3hands. Jesus' first effort to realize Truth was not wholly successful; but he rose to the occasion with the second attempt, and the blind saw clearly. To suppose that

6Jesus did actually anoint the blind man's eyes with his spittle, is as absurd as to think, according to the report of some, that Christian Scientists sit in back-to-back

9seances with their patients, for the divine power to filter from vertebrae to vertebrae. When one comes to the age with spiritual translations of God's messages, expressed

12in literal or physical terms, our right action is not to con- demn and deny, but to "try the spirits" and see what manner they are of. This does not mean communing

15with spirits supposed to have departed from the earth, but the seeking out of the basis upon which are accom- plished the works by which the new teacher would prove

18his right to be heard. By these signs are the true disciples of the Master known: the sick are healed; to the poor the gospel is preached.


JANUARY 18, 1885

TEXT: The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman

24took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. — MATT. xiii. 33.

Few people at present know aught of the Science of

27mental healing; and so many are obtruding upon the public attention their ignorance or false knowledge in the name of Science, that it behooves all clad in the shin-

30ing mail to keep bright their invincible armor; to keep

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1their demonstrations modest, and their claims and lives steadfast in Truth.

3Dispensing the Word charitably, but separating the tares from the wheat, let us declare the positive and the negative of metaphysical Science; what it is, and

6what it is not. Intrepid, self-oblivious Protestants in a higher sense than ever before, let us meet and defeat the claims of sense and sin, regardless of the bans or

9clans pouring in their fire upon us; and white-winged charity, brooding over all, shall cover with her feathers the veriest sinner.

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