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12Divine and unerring Mind measures man, until the three measures be accomplished, and he arrives at fulness of stature; for "the Lord God omnipotent


Science is divine: it is neither of human origin nor of human direction. That which is termed "natural science,"

18the evidences whereof are taken in by the five personal senses, presents but a finite, feeble sense of the infinite law of God; which law is written on the heart, received

21through the affections, spiritually understood, and dem- onstrated in our lives.

This law of God is the Science of mental healing,

24spiritually discerned, understood, and obeyed.

Mental Science, and the five personal senses, are at war; and peace can only be declared on the side of im-

27mutable right, — the health, holiness, and immortality of man. To gain this scientific result, the first and funda- mental rule of Science must be understood and adhered

30to; namely, the oft-repeated declaration in Scripture that God is good; hence, good is omnipotent and omnipresent.

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1Ancient and modern philosophy, human reason, or man's theorems, misstate mental Science, its Principle

3and practice. The most enlightened sense herein sees nothing but a law of matter.

Who has ever learned of the schools that there is but

6one Mind, and that this is God, who healeth all our sick- ness and sins?

Who has ever learned from the schools, pagan phi-

9losophy, or scholastic theology, that Science is the law of Mind and not of matter, and that this law has no relation to, or recognition of, matter?

12Mind is its own great cause and effect. Mind is God, omnipotent and omnipresent. What, then, of an oppo- site so-called science, which says that man is both matter

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