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to all within the radius of our atmosphere of thought.

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1The only justice of which I feel at present capable, is mercy and charity toward every one, — just so far as

3one and all permit me to exercise these sentiments toward them, — taking special care to mind my own business.

The falsehood, ingratitude, misjudgment, and sharp

6return of evil for good — yea, the real wrongs (if wrong can be real) which I have long endured at the hands of others — have most happily wrought out for me the law

9of loving mine enemies. This law I now urge upon the solemn consideration of all Christian Scientists. Jesus said, "If ye love them which love you, what thank have

12ye? for sinners also love those that love them."


Scholastic theology elaborates the proposition that

15evil is a factor of good, and that to believe in the reality of evil is essential to a rounded sense of the existence of good.

18This frail hypothesis is founded upon the basis of mate- rial and mortal evidence — only upon what the shifting mortal senses confirm and frail human reason accepts.

21The Science of Soul reverses this proposition, overturns the testimony of the five erring senses, and reveals in clearer divinity the existence of good only; that is, of God and His idea.

This postulate of divine Science only needs to be con- ceded, to afford opportunity for proof of its correctness

27and the clearer discernment of good.

Seek the Anglo-Saxon term for God, and you will find it to be good; then define good as God, and you

30will find that good is omnipotence, has all power; it fills

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1all space, being omnipresent; hence, there is neither place nor power left for evil. Divest your thought, then, of

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