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18is the offspring of Spirit, and not of the flesh; recognize him through spiritual, and not material laws; and regard him as spiritual, and not material. His sonship, referred

21to in the text, is his spiritual relation to Deity: it is not, then, a personal gift, but is the order of divine Science. The apostle urges upon our acceptance this great fact:

24"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God." Mortals will lose their sense of mortality — disease, sickness, sin, and death — in

27the proportion that they gain the sense of man's spirit- ual preexistence as God's child; as the offspring of good, and not of God's opposite, — evil, or a fallen


John the Baptist had a clear discernment of divine Science: being born not of the human will or flesh, he

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1antedated his own existence, began spiritually instead of materially to reckon himself logically; hence the im-

3possibility of putting him to death, only in belief, through violent means or material methods.

"As many as received him;" that is, as many as per-

6ceive man's actual existence in and of his divine Princi- ple, receive the Truth of existence; and these have no other God, no other Mind, no other origin; therefore, in

9time they lose their false sense of existence, and find their adoption with the Father; to wit, the redemption of the body. Through divine Science man gains the

12power to become the son of God, to recognize his perfect and eternal estate.

"Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of

15the flesh." This passage refers to man's primal, spirit- ual existence, created neither from dust nor carnal de- sire. "Nor of the will of man." Born of no doctrine,

18no human faith, but beholding the truth of being; even the understanding that man was never lost in Adam, since he is and ever was the image and likeness of God,

21good. But no mortal hath seen the spiritual man, more than he hath seen the Father. The apostle indicates no personal plan of a personal Jehovah, partial and finite;

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