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24but the possibility of all finding their place in God's great love, the eternal heritage of the Elohim, His sons and daughters. The text is a metaphysical statement of exist-

27ence as Principle and idea, wherein man and his Maker are inseparable and eternal.

When the Word is made flesh, — that is, rendered

30practical, — this eternal Truth will be understood; and sickness, sin, and death will yield to it, even as they did more than eighteen centuries ago. The lusts of the flesh

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1and the pride of life will then be quenched in the divine Science of being; in the ever-present good, omnipotent

3Love, and eternal Life, that know no death. In the great forever, the verities of being exist, and must be acknowl- edged and demonstrated. Man must love his neighbor

6as himself, and the power of Truth must be seen and felt in health, happiness, and holiness: then it will be found that Mind is All-in-all, and there is no matter to

9cope with.

Man is free born: he is neither the slave of sense, nor a silly ambler to the so-called pleasures and pains of self-

12conscious matter. Man is God's image and likeness; whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God's reflection. Through the transparency of Science we learn

15this, and receive it: learn that man can fulfil the Scrip- tures in every instance; that if he open his mouth it shall be filled — not by reason of the schools, or learning, but

18by the natural ability, that reflection already has bestowed on him, to give utterance to Truth.

"Who hath believed our report?" Who understands

21these sayings? He to whom the arm of the Lord is re- vealed; to whom divine Science unfolds omnipotence, that equips man with divine power while it shames human

24pride. Asserting a selfhood apart from God, is a denial of man's spiritual sonship; for it claims another father. As many as do receive a knowledge of God through

27Science, will have power to reflect His power, in proof of man's "dominion over all the earth." He is bravely brave who dares at this date refute the evidence of material

30sense with the facts of Science, and will arrive at the true status of man because of it. The material senses would

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