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3in another term, serpent, — which the senses are supposed to take in, — and then defines this serpent as "more subtle than all the beasts of the field." Subsequently,

6the ancients changed the meaning of the term, to their sense, and then the serpent became a symbol of wisdom.

The Scripture in John, sixth chapter and seventieth

9verse, refers to a wicked man as the devil: "Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil ?" Accord- ing to the Scripture, if devil is an individuality, there is

12more than one devil. In Mark, ninth chapter and thirty- eighth verse, it reads: "Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name." Here is an assertion indicating

15the existence of more than one devil; and by omitting the first letter, the name of his satanic majesty is found to be evils, apparent wrong traits, that Christ, Truth,

18casts out. By no possible interpretation can this passage mean several individuals cast out of another individual no bigger than themselves. The term, being here em-

21ployed in its plural number, destroys all consistent sup- position of the existence of one personal devil. Again, our text refers to the devil as dumb; but the original

24devil was a great talker, and was supposed to have out- talked even Truth, and carried the question with Eve. Also, the original texts define him as an "accuser," a

27"calumniator," which would be impossible if he were speechless. These two opposite characters ascribed to him could only be possible as evil beliefs, as different

30phases of sin or disease made manifest.

Let us obey St. Paul's injunction to reject fables, and accept the Scriptures in their broader, more spiritual

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1and practical sense. When we speak of a good man, we do not mean that man is God because the Hebrew term

3for Deity was "good," and vice versa; so, when referring to a liar, we mean not that he is a personal devil, because the original text defines devil as a "liar."

6It is of infinite importance to man's spiritual progress, and to his demonstration of Truth in casting out error, — sickness, sin, disease, and death, in all their forms, —

9that the terms and nature of Deity and devil be understood.

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