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3the mortal and material view which contradicts the ever- presence and all-power of good; take in only the immor- tal facts which include these, and where will you see or

6feel evil, or find its existence necessary either to the origin or ultimate of good?

It is urged that, from his original state of perfec-

9tion, man has fallen into the imperfection that requires evil through which to develop good. Were we to admit this vague proposition, the Science of man could

12never be learned; for in order to learn Science, we begin with the correct statement, with harmony and its Principle; and if man has lost his Principle and

15its harmony, from evidences before him he is inca- pable of knowing the facts of existence and its con- comitants: therefore to him evil is as real and eternal

18as good, God! This awful deception is evil's umpire and empire, that good, God, understood, forcibly destroys.

21What appears to mortals from their standpoint to be the necessity for evil, is proven by the law of opposites to be without necessity. Good is the primitive Princi-

24ple of man; and evil, good's opposite, has no Principle, and is not, and cannot be, the derivative of good. Thus evil is neither a primitive nor a derivative, but

27is suppositional; in other words, a lie that is incapable of proof — therefore, wholly problematical.

The Science of Truth annihilates error, deprives evil

30of all power, and thereby destroys all error, sin, sickness, disease, and death. But the sinner is not sheltered from suffering from sin: he makes a great reality of evil, iden-

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1tifies himself with it, fancies he finds pleasure in it, and will reap what he sows; hence the sinner must endure

3the effects of his delusion until he awakes from it.


St. Paul speaks of the new birth as "waiting for the

6adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body." The great Nazarene Prophet said, "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." Nothing aside from the

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