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I am thankful even for his allusion to truth; it being

18a modification of silence on this subject, and also of what had been said when critics attacked me for supplying the word Science to Christianity, — a word which the people

21are now adopting.    

The next step for ecclesiasticism to take, is to admit that all Christians are properly called Scientists who

24follow the commands of our Lord and His Christ, Truth; and that no one is following his full command without this enlarged sense of the spirit and power of Christianity.

27"He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do," is a radical and unmistakable declaration of the right and power of Christianity to heal; for this is Christlike,

30and includes the understanding of man's capabilities and spiritual power. The condition insisted upon is, first, "belief;" the Hebrew of which implies understanding.

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1How many to-day believe that the power of God equals even the power of a drug to heal the sick! Divine Science

3reveals the Principle of this power, and the rule whereby sin, sickness, disease, and death are destroyed; and God is this Principle. Let us, then, seek this Science; that we

6may know Him better, and love Him more.

Though a man were begirt with the Urim and Thum- mim of priestly office, yet should deny the validity or

9permanence of Christ's command to heal in all ages, this denial would dishonor that office and misinterpret evangelical religion. Divine Science is not an interpo-

12lation of the Scriptures, but is redolent with love, health, and holiness, for the whole human race. It only needs the prism of this Science to divide the rays of Truth, and

15bring out the entire hues of Deity, which scholastic theol- ogy has hidden. The lens of Science magnifies the divine power to human sight; and we then see the supremacy

18of Spirit and the nothingness of matter.

The context of the foregoing Scriptural text explains Jesus' words, "because I go unto my Father." "Because"

21in following him, you understand God and how to turn from matter to Spirit for healing; how to leave self, the sense material, for the sense spiritual; how to accept

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